Episode 15.1: Fantasmagorica – Cards

Total: 10 new Cards, 6 of them MVP Cards

Amdarais and Root of Corruption come from the Glastheim Memorial Update.
The others come from the WoE Guild Dungeon Expansion called Hall of Abyss.


card Gioia Card [Reduce-] MVP2251
+100% damage done with wind element magic.
+30% damage taken from all element attacks.

card Kades Card [-of Devilish] MVP
+50% resistance against Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark and Undead Attacks
+100% damage taken from holy element attacks.


card Amdarais Card [Berserks-] MVP
ATK +20%, MATK +20%.
Every 6 seconds HP is decreased by 666, SP by 66.
When unequipping, HP is decreased by 6666, SP by 666.


card Daehyon Card [Swordmaster-] MVP
ATK+100 when equipped with a One-Handed Sword or Two-handed Sword.

card Soheon Card [Shortcut-]
When equipped with at least a +10 Dagger Type Weapon ASPD+1.
When equipped with at least a +14 Dagger Type Weapon additional ASPD+1.

card Pyuriel Card [Pear-] MVP
CriticalDamage +30%.
All received damage +10%.

card Lora Card [Berserks-]
ATK+20, CRIT+10 when equipped with a Mace.

card Root of Corruption Card [Evil God-] MVP
When physically attacking in close combat there is a high change to cause Stone Curse, Sleep and Curse status effects to all enemies within a range of 11×11 cells.


card Elvira Card [Volonte-]
+20% Damage with Wind Magic Attacks.


card Rudo Card [Toilet-]
When receiving physical damage there is a chance to receive a 3 second increase of movement speed, AGI+44 and endure effect. Every time the effect is triggered it costs 40 SP.

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