[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/04/16

All Servers

 – The position of the “Not for sale” text has been changed.
-> Changed Items: JOB Battle Manual, Life Insurance, Bubblegum, Battle Manual
– A part of the description of the headgear for the winners of the Quiz Revolution Headgear has been changed.
– MVP System has been applied to the MVP of the Geffen Magic Tournament (Fenrir).
– Fixed a bug with the Kagerou / Oboro Jobchange Quest.
– Participants of the “Everyones Rag EVENT” have been rewarded.


 – Fixed a bug with the skill Tinder Breaker [Homunculus S Eleanor] where the skill could be used without spirit spheres.
– Fixed a bug where the Skill Snow Flip of the Item Kvasir Ring did not cure the sleep status effect.
– Fixed a bug where the option of an item was removed when you switched 2 identical items with the same option. (They list “cannot be destroyed” as an option example).
– Fixed a bug with the Skill King’s Grace [Royal Guard] where you could use the skill on fallen characters.
– The skill King’s Grace [Royal Guard] no longer works on Characters in White Imprison.
– The skill King’s Grace [Royal Guard] now always works on the Caster and Party Members.

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