[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/04/09

All Servers

 – The phrase “Not for sale” has been added to some Cash Items that have  been distributed as a reward.


 – The effect of the skill Frigg’s Song [Wanderer / Maestro] can now be cancelled by the skills Lion Howling [Sura] and Song of Destruction [Minstrel].
– Fixed a bug with the Skill Rock Launcher [Elemental Tera] where it did not strike certain enemies.
– Fixed a bug with the skill Rock Launcher [Elemental Tera] where is did strike even when the chance to hit was too small.
– Fixed a bug with the skill Abracadabra [/ Hocus Pocus – Sage] where you could not open a shop when vending more than 3 items.
– Fixed a bug that occured when two Dissonances [Bard / Dancer] did overlap each other.

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