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The new Costama collection is on sale from the 3rd June until the 1st July. This time, the theme is 羽 (Hane / Feather).

The number of original designs is increased this time. Now you can get 2 Costumes from the Item Design Contests aswell as 3 new original designs for a total of 10 costumes. All of them can be obtained with a random chance by buying a Costama Egg from the Item Shop.

Here are the new designs from the Item Design Contest 2013:

newitem01 newitem02

Vampire Hairband & Ljosalfr

And the new original designs:

newitem03 newitem04

Volume Feather Hat & Arch Angel’s Forgotten Thing


Bragi’s Feather Ears

And here are the the chances for the whole Costama Partners collection, the upper Headgears are the most rare:


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