[jRO] GungHo Festival 2014 News

So, there have been some news about jRO Server at the latest GungHo Festival that happened on Sunday.

1. Clocktower Nightmare Dungeon


jRO will be getting Clocktower Nightmare Dungeon sometime this summer. I guess it will be changed a little, as they recommend it for level 150+ players, while on kRO it was limited to level 160+ players. The text says it is good for Magic Classes and there will be new Items aswell.

See more info about the Dungeon here: Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon

2. Episode 14.3 Part 1 – Decisive Battle


Episode 14.3 Part 1 – Decisive Battle (Kessen in Japanese) has been announced for implementation in Autumn 2014. There is more info about it at the Future Updates Page.

3. UI Updates


The Buff Timers will be changed. If the buff lasts longer than 1 Minute you get the white countdown, if the buff lasts shorter than 1 Minute you get another countdown in red color. Also the buff timer will be applied to the Shortcut Bar. Additionally the vending limit will be raised to 1 billion Zeny.

Aside from this, the Monster House will get some updates and there will be another Event that Awards Guides and Diaries being written with small prices.

There is also a new Memorial Dungeon announced. I will write about it in the next post.

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