[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/04/02

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“Eden Group Experience Up” Event has been started.
“Flower Viewing” Event has been started.
> The event will last from today until the maintenance on April 23th.
“April Fools” Event has ended.
– Added an NPC for the “Zodiac” Event.


– Fixed a bug where you could use Hiding after Camouflage and Warg Ride [Ranger].
– Fixed a bug with the skill Wall of Fog [Scholar] where the target monster did not get the penalty if it is out of reach.
– Fixed a bug with the party booking system where characters over level 151 did not appear.
– Changed the skill balancing of some monsters.
– Fixed a bug with the effect of the skill Xeno Slasher [Homunculus Eira].
– Fixed a bug with the damage reflection of the Skill Max Pain [NPC exclusive].
– Fixed a bug with the range of the skill Sound of Destruction [Minstrel].
– Fixed a bug where the status effect displaying over the head of some monsters did overlap.

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