[jRO] Patch Notes 2013/02/26


- White Chococarnival! ~Emergency Call! Sweets Night~ Event has been started.
The Event lasts from 2/26 maintenance until 3/19 maintenance.

- We placed a terrace on Amatsu Map
A mini-terrace was also placed in Glastheim Castle (glast_01) and Archer Village (pay_arche).
The terraces will be there from 2/26 maintenance until 3/5 maintenance. (comment: this is for Girls Day Event on 3rd March)

- As the Guild Battle Tournament has ended, we added higher xp and itemdrop for the winning Servers. Also the ‘Event World’ Server has been closed.

- Under certain conditions the item ‘Frame Glove [1]‘ did not work correctly. We made changes to fix it. The item description was also changed.

- Item description of the following items have been changed. The effects remain the same.
Shabby Purchase Street Stall License

- Skill descriptions of 32 skills have been changed. The effects remain the same.
*skipped* as there are so many to list. If you really care you are probably playing on jRO and dont need my translation.

- We fixed a bug within the Wizard Job Change.

- We have removed the RWC2012 Maps.

- An NPC was moved.

- The News & Updates NPC has been updated.

- A new login screen was added.

- New Loading Screens have been added.

- RJC2013 world has been opened.

Original Patch Notes have been more detailed here and there, please forgive my lazy “NPC was moved” translations.

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