[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/03/19

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– Valentine & White Day Event has ended. Quest Items have been removed.
– The Item “Luise’s Beauty Coupon” has been deleted.
– New Event “Eden Group Quest Experience Rise” has been started.
-> The Event will start today and last until the 2nd April.
-> It is intented for level 100 – 140 Eden Group Quests
– MVP System is applied to the Monster “Time Holder” of the Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon.
– Changed the description of the “Status Initialization Scroll”.
– The Ingame Setup Window is now available in the Hangul [Korean] Version.
– Corrected the amount of SP that is displayed at the Shortcut windows of the Skills Jet Storm and Slugshot [Rebellion].
– [some PC Room EXP Event]


– Fixed a bug with the Skill Defender [Crusader] where the effect did not disappear.
– Fixed a bug where a homunculus could learn a loyal skill although intimacy was not high enough.
– Fixed a bug where the HP Display in the Party Window could reach a negative value.
– Fixed a bug where stats did display incorrectly directly after changing jobs.
– Fixed a bug where the 2013 RWC Victory Helmet position was wrong.
– Fixed a bug with the skill Escape [Shadow Chaser] where the range was different from the Skill Description.

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