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It’s time for the Ragnarok Online Japan Championship again! Like every year, this tournament is held for players of the jRO Server. The Preliminary Rounds are already finished and now we can look forward to the finals. These are the 8 (of 70+) Teams that made it:


A Block Basic Instinct E Block The Rebels to Destiny
B Block Crescendo F Block 10second
C Block Northern Code G Block Absolute Zero
D Block Usagi to Kame H Block Corihogus of midnight

If you follow the japanese tournaments or the RWC you probably know a few of them. Northern Code (RJC2013 Winner & 2nd Place RWC2013) and 10second (RJC2013 2nd Place) are in the finals again. Another team to check is Basic Instinct, which has been formed by players of CounterLogicGaming (RJC2013 3rd Place) and Greensleeves (RJC & RWC2012 Winner, among others).


The tournament will be held on the 25th May at the upcoming GungHo Festival that is held in Tokyo Big Sight.


Of course there will be a live stream from the whole festival including the RJC2014 Finals, but you need a Nicovideo Account to watch it (an english site is also available there), be aware of the time shift though:


For those curious, here are the prices you can win:

For every participant of the preliminary rounds: 1 Old Card Album
For everyone who won at least 1 Match of the preliminary rounds: additional 2 Old Card Albums
The winners of each block of the preliminary rounds get additional 9 Old Card Albums

Among all participants some miniboss cards (Ghostring, Deviling, Maya Purple) will be given by a draw.

Now the prices for the final tournament:

1st Place Team can choose between one of these: Sleipnir, Brisingamen, Mjolnir, Megingard, Brynhild or Asprika. Also all Team Members can choose one out of 33 different MVPs Cards.

2nd Place Team gets a set of 4 Elemental Armors which are jRO Exclusive and are pretty strong of course.

All other Players that attend the finals get two RJC2014 Card albums, aswell as another 2 RJC2014 Card Albums if they win at least one match. The RJC2014 Card Albums contain a random MVP Card.

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