[jRO] Geffen Magic Tournament Trailer

jRO will receive the Geffen Magic Tournament Update on the 20th May (as reported here).

Today they have posted a little Trailer showing some of the opponents you are going to face:

jRO Website

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  1. Dundé

    I was trying to translate the story of all the characters, but they put the text as an image :(

  2. admin

    yes its not so good to copypaste.. :)

    they are also posting random stories with the characters on their GM Blog, the Story is called “Memorial Hunter”:
    Part 1: http://ro-blog.livedoor.biz/archives/4675584.html

    Yuu: Aruhi, do you have any special skills?
    Aruhi: Ehm.. Item Appraisal is my speciality!
    Aruhi: And.. I’m really good at throwing stones!
    Yuu: I see!

  3. Dundé

    It’s so funny they did this, i guess when this episode hit de brazilian servers, they will put the most famous player’s name in our servers

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