[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/03/12

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– Some Monster Stats from the Fenrir & Sara Memorial Dungeon have been modified.
– You can no longer summon Mercenaries at the Entrance of the Geffen Magic Tournament Memorial Dungeon.
– Fixed a bug where the effects of ground magic did not show when playing replayfiles.
– Fixed the weight in the Description of Crimson Staff, Aqua Staff, Forest Staff and Forest Staff II.


– Fixed a bug with the Skill Fire Rain [Rebellion], where if you cancelled Killing Cloud [Sorcerer] the effect of Killing Cloud would still go on.
– Fixed a bug with the Range of the Fire Wall of the Elemental Skill Fire Mantle [Sorcerer, Agni].
– Fixed a bug where the user of the Elemental Skill Power of Gaia [Sorcerer, Tera] could not move after using the skill.
– The chance to trigger damage with the Elemental Skill Circle of Fire [Sorcerer, Agni] has been modified.
– Changed the skill Illusion Doping [Genetic] so that only users get the status effects if you can walk to them [i.e. no sniping].
– Changed the Prontera Dummy Monster (Lv 10, Lv 50, Lv 100, Lv 150) so that they do not use the Skill Tarot Card of Fate anymore.
– Fixed a bug with the sound effect of the skill Intense Telekinesis [Warlock].
– Changed the Skill Fire Rain [Rebellion]:
-> Fire Rain [Rebellion] is not cancellion Flag Graffiti [Rogue] anymore.
-> Fire Rain [Rebellion] is now cancellion Cluster Bomb [Ranger].

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