[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/03/04

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– The Item ‘Red Booster’ now gives you the level of ‘Improve Concentration’ that you have actually learned (but at least level 3).
– The item ‘Green Potion’ now also cures Hallucination and Chaos Status effects.


– Fixed a bug where monsters could not be transformed by the ‘Azoth’ Weapon.
– Fixed a bug where after removing status effects with the Item ‘Cure Free’ or the Skill ‘Cure Free’, you did not get new status effects for a fixed time.
– Fixed a bug where the Skill ‘Land Mine’ [Sniper] was not cancelled by the Skill ‘Fire Rain’ [Rebellion].
Rebellion Bullets will be sold for a cheaper price now:
(Old Price -> New Price)
Silver Bullet (15z -> 5z)
Bloody Shell (30z -> 10z)
Flame Sphere (80z -> 15z)
Lightning Sphere (80z -> 15z)
Poison Sphere (80z -> 15z)
Blind Sphere (80z -> 15z)
Freezing Sphere (80z -> 15z)
Armor-Piercing Shot (50z > 15z)
Incandescence Shot (40z > 10z)
Freezing Shot (40z > 10z)
Lightning Shot (40z > 10z)
Whetstone Shot (40z > 10z)
Purification Shot (40z > 10z)

More Info:
New Rebellion Bullets: [kRO] New Items 2014/02/25

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