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[jRO] Super Novice at Geffen Magic Tournament

May 30th, 2014 — 1:54am

Found this on Nicovideo (from jRO) :)

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Puzzle & Dragons Island

May 27th, 2014 — 11:06am


Added a page for the Puzzle & Dragons Island here:

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[jRO] GungHo Festival 2014 News

May 27th, 2014 — 10:39am

So, there have been some news about jRO Server at the latest GungHo Festival that happened on Sunday.

1. Clocktower Nightmare Dungeon


jRO will be getting Clocktower Nightmare Dungeon sometime this summer. I guess it will be changed a little, as they recommend it for level 150+ players, while on kRO it was limited to level 160+ players. The text says it is good for Magic Classes and there will be new Items aswell.

See more info about the Dungeon here: Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon

2. Episode 14.3 Part 1 – Decisive Battle


Episode 14.3 Part 1 – Decisive Battle (Kessen in Japanese) has been announced for implementation in Autumn 2014. There is more info about it at the Future Updates Page.

3. UI Updates


The Buff Timers will be changed. If the buff lasts longer than 1 Minute you get the white countdown, if the buff lasts shorter than 1 Minute you get another countdown in red color. Also the buff timer will be applied to the Shortcut Bar. Additionally the vending limit will be raised to 1 billion Zeny.

Aside from this, the Monster House will get some updates and there will be another Event that Awards Guides and Diaries being written with small prices.

There is also a new Memorial Dungeon announced. I will write about it in the next post.

jRO Website

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[fRO] What’s next on Ragnarök Online

May 26th, 2014 — 10:16pm

So fRO got a new Roadmap now:

– July: Hall of Abyss
– October: 14.2 Eclage
– December: The job class evolutions of the ninja classes “Kagerou” and “Oboro”

Looks interesting, I’d like 1 or 2 more updates though to catch up a bit, since all of this is years old and things tend to end up behind their deadlines.

Here is the Forums Thread:

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May 23rd, 2014 — 2:24pm

The following sites have been updated:
Episode 14.2: Eclage – Enchantment (New!)
Episode 14.3: Decisive Battle – Part 1 – Field Monsters (New!)
Episode 14.3: Decisive Battle – Bios Island (Added lots of Monster Stats)
Episode 14.3: Decisive Battle – Jitterbug’s Nightmare (Updated Monster Stats & added Drops)
Episode 14.3: Decisive Battle – Part 2 – Equip (New!)
Heroes Trails Part II (Updated all Monster Stats, New Banner)

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[jRO] RJC2014 DVD Vol.1

May 23rd, 2014 — 11:55am


The first Volume of the two RJC2014 DVD’s has been announced and will go on sale next month on the 27th June for 5,184 Yen (incl. Tax).

Volume One will feature the preliminary matches and also has commentary from the Staff. In addition to the DVD you will also get a new headgear with the DVD, the Floating Philosopher’s Stone[0]!


item Type Middle Headgear Def 0
Mdef 0 Refine Slot 0
Req. Level 10 Breakable Weight 10
Notes (1) Protects from being blind.
(2) When worn together with Filir Hat: ASPD+1, chance to reflect 4% of the physical damage you take. When recieving physical damage there is a change to get ASPD+2 and Double Attack Level 10 for 7 seconds.
(3) When worn together with Amistr Cap and recieving physical damage there is a chance to increase DEF by an amount depending on the refine level of the Amistr Cap for 7 seconds. For each upgrade level of the Amistr Cap you get MaxHP +1% and the effectivity of the skills Heal, Sanctuary, Potion Pitcher, Highness Heal and Colloseo Heal is increased by 2%.
(4) When worn together with Drooping Lif and recieving physical damage there is a change to get 3 SP for each hit for 7 seconds. For each upgrade level of the drooping Lif you get MaxSP +1% and the SP regeneration is increased by 1%.
(5) When worn together with Vanilmirth Hat and recieving physical damage there is a chance to auto-cast Earth Spike Level 1 and Double Casting Level 1. Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bold and Earth Spike Damage is increased by 50%. If the user learned Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bold or Earth Spike with a level of 2 or higher the max level learned will be casted. When unequipping SP-200.
Jobs All Jobs

(5) is no mistranslation. It says autocast Earth Spike level 1, nothing else, but later talks about the other bolts aswell. I don’t know :) My guess is it auto-casts all bolts.

See also:
[jRO] DVD RJC2014 Vol.1&Vol.2 Buy Campaign

jRO Website

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[jRO] DVD RJC2014 Vol.1&Vol.2 Buy Campaign

May 22nd, 2014 — 12:49pm


If you buy the two RJC2014 DVD’s and enter the item ticket ingame until the 31th October 2014 you will get a special ingame item: The Protect Feather!

item Type Middle Headgear Def 0
Mdef 2 Refine Slot 0
Req. Level 70 Breakable Weight 50
Notes (1) Damage taken from other players -2%.
(2) ASPD -5%
(3) If base VIT is 108 or higher, additional -3% damage taken from other players and additional ASPD -5%.
(4) If base VIT is 120 or higher, additional Mdef +3 and MaxHP +3%
(5) When worn together with Feather Beret, ASPD +5%.
– If the Feather Beret is upgraded to +7 or higher, additional ASPD +5%.
– If the Feather Beret is upgraded to +9 or higher, additional MaxHP +5%.
Jobs All Jobs

Now if you are wondering why they combine it with the old Feather Beret, I suppose this is about the Feather Beret [1] which you can get for WoE:TE.

jRO Website

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[fRO] Patch Notes 2014/05/22

May 22nd, 2014 — 12:48pm


Have been updated with this maintenance:

– Kafra Operations
– Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town
– End of the Event: Takeshi’s Castle
– Quest timer bug fixed
– Snap bug who caused Gravity Error fixed
– Descriptions of Malangdo cards added
– Effects of Diadem Of Bruenhild/Circlet Of Kriemhild/Helmet Of Siegfried modified
– Descriptions of Love Dad Bandana/Superior Battle Manual/Gemini Diadem/Gemini Crown fixed
– Pet Groomers are now selling some food for Goblin, Shinobi and Deleter
– New iShop items

New iShop Items Thread:

Apparently two different Costume Eggs.

fRO Website

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[kRO] Patch Notes 2014/04/02

May 22nd, 2014 — 9:50am

All Servers

“Eden Group Experience Up” Event has been started.
“Flower Viewing” Event has been started.
> The event will last from today until the maintenance on April 23th.
“April Fools” Event has ended.
– Added an NPC for the “Zodiac” Event.


– Fixed a bug where you could use Hiding after Camouflage and Warg Ride [Ranger].
– Fixed a bug with the skill Wall of Fog [Scholar] where the target monster did not get the penalty if it is out of reach.
– Fixed a bug with the party booking system where characters over level 151 did not appear.
– Changed the skill balancing of some monsters.
– Fixed a bug with the effect of the skill Xeno Slasher [Homunculus Eira].
– Fixed a bug with the damage reflection of the Skill Max Pain [NPC exclusive].
– Fixed a bug with the range of the skill Sound of Destruction [Minstrel].
– Fixed a bug where the status effect displaying over the head of some monsters did overlap.

jRO Future Wiki (Fries)

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[kRO] New Items 2014/03/26

May 21st, 2014 — 12:09pm


20053 (20053) [Costume] White Tiger Hat
20062 (20062) [Costume] Angels Tears
20063 (20063) [Costume] Yellow Brain Hat
20064 (20064) [Costume] Blue Brain Hat


Rebellion Cartridges & Packs

22737 (22737) Blood Cartridge
22738 (22738) Silver Cardridge
22739 (22739) Lightning Sphere Pack
22740 (22740) Blind Sphere Pack
22741 (22741) Poison Sphere Pack
22742 (22742) Ice Sphere Pack
22743 (22743) Flare Sphere Pack
22744 (227449 Armor-Piercing Cartridge
22745 (22745) Incandescence Cartridge
22746 (22746) Freezing Cartridge
22747 (22747) Lightning Cartridge
22748 (22748) Whetstone Cartridge
22749 (22749) Purification Cartridge

Transformation Scrolls

22750 (22750) Transformation Scroll (Double-Horn Scaraba)
22751 (22751) Transformation Scroll (Wanderer)
22752 (22752) Transformation Scroll (Gazeti)
22753 (22753) Transformation Scroll (Kobold Archer)
22754 (22754) Transformation Scroll (Necromancer)
22755 (22755) Transformation Scroll (Wind Ghost)

22757 (22757) Magic Power Transformation Scrolls
Contains Necromancer and Wind Ghost Transformation Scrolls.

22758 (22758) Long-Ranged Attack Transformation Scrolls
Contains Gazeti and Kobold Archer Transformation Scrolls.

22759 (22759) Attack Speed Transformation Scrolls
Contains Two-Horn Scaraba and Wanderer Transformation Scrolls.


6862 (6862) Fragment of Tiger Spirit
6863 (6863) Fragment of Strong Tiger Spirit

jRO Future Wiki

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