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[jRO] 11th Anniversary Website

November 5th, 2013 — 3:39pm

11th anniversary

jRO has launched the Website for its 11 Years Anniversary, you can reach it over here:

The first two events that will happen to celebrate the anniversary have been announced aswell:

1. 24 hours Nicovideo live Broadcast

There will be a 24 hours live broadcast on Nicovideo starting on the 30th November (Saturday) 13:00 (japanese time) with an anniversary countdown and many other things. If you have a Nicovideo account you can join in here:

2. Adventure Tower 2013

Some time around August, jRO hosted an Event where the players could make up their own floors for an Endless Tower like Dungeon, called the Adventure Tower. The 80 winners have now been decided and the Adventure Tower will be implemented for a limited time as part of the 11th Anniversary celebrations. So far only the names, authors and their servers are presented at the site:

There will be a lot more to come..!

jRO Website

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