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[GBT2013] World Taikousen 2013 2nd Season (2)

October 19th, 2013 — 4:34pm

This weekend, the finals of jROs Guild Battle Tournament “World Taikousen” will be held.

After the first two rounds last weekend, these are the pairings for the half-finals:

Frontier Spirit !! vs. Prologue

Blauer Fluegel vs. Neko no Hige

The matches will be held today and the finals will be held tomorrow, 20.10. 17~19:00 (japanese time). There will be a special 12 hour live broadcast on Nicovideo that you can check out here (needs registration though)

Good luck to everyone :)

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[GBT2013] World Taikousen 2013 2nd Season

September 26th, 2013 — 2:35pm


Which is the strongest guild on jRO?

For the 2nd time this year, the guild battle tournament “World Taikousen 2013” will be held!

In this event, the best two guilds from all servers will fight for one hour in an 1vs1 Guild Battle Match. The battles take place in a WoE Castle. The first fights will be held on the 8th October, then on the 10th and then on the following two weekends. The winner is decided by the K.O.-System.

Of course there will be livestreams on nicovideo, so you can check it out too!

Here are the first pairings:

Day Time Map Server / Guild
8.10. 21:00~22:00 Britoniah 1 Vali 1 Frigg 2
Valkyrie Realm 1 Sigrun 1 Mimir 2
Luina 1 Hervor 1 Trudr 2
Greenwood Lake 1 Gimle 1 Vali 2

All upcoming matches can be seen here on the official website.

jRO Website

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